DIY Candy Filled Gender Reveal Cake

Boy or girl??

Lately I’ve been having fun making easy layered cakes at home during the quarantine so I decided to make our candy filled gender reveal cake as well. We decided to announce our pregnancy to the family and do the reveal at the same time, a double whammy! To save time I used boxed cake and pre-made frosting and it taste pretty good if I may say so myself!

To make the cake you need two boxes of cake mix and two tubs of frosting. I used 9” cake rounds to make the layers, for a total of 4 layers. You also need two 9” round cake pans and colored candy to fill the cake.

Bake the cake as directed on the box. Let cool and then flatten the cake layers by trimming the rounded tops using a serrated knife. In two of the layers, cut a small round out of the center using a 4” round cutter. I didn’t have a round cutter so I just found a bowl that had an approximate 4” opening and I traced the opening on parchment paper and used it as my guide.

Stacking the layers

Layer the cake as follows: place one uncut layer of cake on the cake stand, then spread 1/3 frosting on top. Add a layer of cake with center removed, then spread 1/3 frosting on top. Add another layer of cake with center removed, then spread 1/3 frosting on top. Fill cake with colored candy of your choice. Top with full cake layer. I then did a “crumb coat” which is when you lightly frost the whole cake with a thin layer and then refrigerate for a few hours. This acts as a base coat and locks in all those loose crumbs so they don’t end up everywhere. Then go over it again with a thick layer of frosting. Next add sprinkles and any other decor of choice. Store loosely covered in the refrigerator. I purchased my cake topper on amazon here and my sprinkle candy fillings here.

Ready for the frosting
Second layer of frosting
Finished cake
It’s a girl!

This cake was surprisingly easy to make and a fun little project! I can see it also being used at a kids birthday party and you can fill it with all types of colorful candy. Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and please let me know if you try it at home!



CHANEL Beauty Products that are worth the splurge

CHANEL Beauty Products that are worth the splurge

When I was in college I worked part time as a beauty advisor for CHANEL cosmetics. During this time I discovered a few products of theirs that I find myself going back to time and time again. The first is their Eye Makeup Remover. This stuff works wonders, it doesn’t burn my eyes (and mine are pretty sensitive) and it takes off every bit of makeup. I never wear waterproof mascara so I haven’t tested it on that to be fair. Plus the packaging is so pretty and it looks great on my counter top next to all my skincare.

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